Morgan & Dana

“He did such an amazing job photographing my wedding. I loved the way he went about taking the pictures. He focused on everyone and made sure he was getting what I told him i would like. Everyone who attended the wedding absolutely adored him! They're still talking about how great he was. Thank you so much Daniel!” Morgan and Dana

Julia & Don 

"Daniel is a storyteller. And when it comes to weddings, there is always a good story to tell. Daniel took all of the important grouping shots and then, without anyone really feeling his presence, captured all of the small but important events of the day. We have the pictures that will remind us of this wonderful day." Julia and Don

 Kerry & Will

"We hired Daniel to photograph our wedding in Galveston and asked that he take only candid shots. We were looking for a photojournalist who knew how to work with light, and Daniel fit the bill. He was flexible, gracious and dependable. We hardly noticed him during the wedding but ended up with some shots we love. If you're looking for something less stiff and artificial than typical Houston wedding photography, Daniel is a good bet." Kerry and Will

Nicole & Craig

"We hired Daniel Kramer to take pictures of our vintage themed wedding. We selected Daniel based on reviews we found and the photos he has posted on his website, along with conversations we had. His style fit perfectly with what we were looking for. Daniel is very professional and has been in the business for a long time and knows what he is doing. Daniel arrived early to get a feel for the layout of the venue, and when the wedding went late he was available to stay and continue taking pictures. His photojournalist style captured all aspects of our wedding, not just the canned moments. These are the memories we are going to cherish forever. Daniel, thanks for being there to capture the moments of our wedding.

I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone that wants a professional photographer to take amazing photos of their special day! Nicole and Craig


Liat & Josh

My family hired Daniel Kramer for my sister's wedding, and we liked him so much that we hired him again for mine. Daniel has a unique vision that produced beautiful pictures, ranging from traditional to artistic, but without being cliche. I would highly recommend him for any event. Liat and Josh

Lindsay & Bob

After four interviews with various other well-known photographers my wife and I were left helpless. We had a unique outdoor wedding and we knew that we needed a unique photographer who could overcome numerous obstacles and "capture our moment." Staged photos were not what we wanted. We wanted to be able to relive the wedding every time we looked at the pictures. Daniel Kramer succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!

It may sound corny, but I swear I can almost smell that special evening every time I look at our wedding album. Looking for a wedding photographer was one of the most important items on our wedding list. Trying to find someone who would take the pictures that made you smile, cry, and more importantly feel. If your reading this, I personally promise you that you will have absolutely no regrets choosing this fine man to capture your "precious moment."

 At the end of our wedding Daniel came up to me with teary eyes and hugged me as he thanked me for the privilege of shooting my wedding. He wasn't there shooting our wedding, he was part of it. He made it that more special.

You really are an artist Daniel and you did an amazing job! Thank you! Lindsay and Bob

Frances & Felipe

Dan, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into our wedding photos. We love your style and you captured such perfect moments that will be memories forever. You were so easy to work with and made us feel relaxed and the comfort shows in the photographs. I had many comments after the wedding raving about the photographer. We could not be more pleased with how all the photos turned out and especially love the album. The cover adds a modern touch to the classic leather album and the metallic paper makes the colors pop. We have it proudly displayed on our coffee table for everyone to see. We are so pleased. Frances and Felipe

Amanda & Chris

Daniel is an amazing photographer!! We just got our wedding album back and it was the most beautiful album I’ve ever seen! He works well with his clients and he takes his time explaining how he takes photos. He made the wedding day fun while taking pictures which helped everyone relax and have fun. I will recommend him to anyone! Amanda and Chris


Marlene & Matt

We are pleased with all the hard work you put into our wedding. The pictures you took shows it. You made all the perfect pictures that were memorable and added some spice to all of them to make them unique. Dan, you made it a very comfortable environment for us so we made it easy to take these amazing pictures. Thanks again for making our day even more special by capturing every special moment. Love Matt and Marlene

Emily & Matt

Dan, we are entirely pleased with the results of your photography of our wedding. It was easy to relax on the wedding day knowing that we had an extremely competent, experienced photographer with quality equipment who would capture all the special moments. Everyone commented on how easy it was to work with you and how very accommodating you were. The photos are entirely lovely, and we have gotten countless compliments on them from friends and family who’ve seen the final products. In short, WE LOVE the photos. Matt and Emily

Amy & Sean

With all the planning going into our wedding day, we wanted a photographer who would capture the details, the emotion, the moments, and remember them for us. We wanted a photographer who would take unique pictures and be easy to work with. Dan took the time to visit our wedding site before the ceremony to have ideas about what shots would work best with the light to help us make the most of our time with him. He listened to our ideas and wanted our personalities to shine through. Our beautiful pictures reflect not only his care and attention to detail, but also his amazing eye for a picture and his talent. He worked with our budget and our wedding day schedule. Our final wedding album is stunning–I’m so thankful it was included in the package. When we got the pictures, we truly felt like we were reliving the day. Dan, Thank you for giving us such a gift by sharing yours. Amy and Sean

Laura & Kevin

First of all, thank you! Thank you for confirming that our choice for a photographer was the right one. Your easy-going style made everyone involved comfortable – even the mother of the bride! You captured the feelings and emotions of our wedding – not just the events – and for that we are eternally grateful. We were after the journalistic representation of the beginning of our lives together and you more than delivered. Thank you for your ideas, expertise and creativity. Please know you can always use us as a reference. Laura and Kevin

Yael & Benny

We felt instantly comfortable with you when first meeting you at your home, seeing your beautiful work, and enjoying your easy-going style. We knew this was one aspect of the wedding that we WOULDN’T have to worry about! Just as we hoped, your photos were gorgeous and captured all the right moments, but were still fresh, original, and unconventional. I so appreciate how you caught little details and moments between us and among the guests. Thank you so much for helping us to perfectly capture the most beautiful and touching aspects of our wedding! Yael and Benny


Liz & TJ

We're so happy with the way our photos turned out. Our wedding album is gorgeous! It includes a lot of great candid shots and posed shots that are very artfully done. Daniel caught so many special moments that we will cherish forever. Liz and TJ

Teresa & Luis

Daniel's an exceptional photographer. We feel lucky to have had his unique talents at work, capturing not just the important moments but the spirit of the event. Daniel's intuition and wit are artfully revealed in one memorable frame after another. He is a storyteller, who silently navigates this ritual and delivers a surprising perspective on the course of events. He operates with class and consideration and has a great smile that puts you at ease. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Teresa and Luis

Anat & Chad

Thank you for the AMAZING way in which you captured the most precious and intimate moments of our wedding weekend. We could not have imagined anything more perfect and will treasure your images for a lifetime. Chad and I both really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you. Your creative, intuitive, unconventional, journalistic approach was completely unassuming and yet present in every moment. More than just our photographer, we consider you a friend. Thank you for preserving all the special moments of our wedding, family and friends in such an artistic, sensitive and keenly personal way. You're the best! Anat and Chad